we take a different approach on real estate

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welcome to Sophisticated properties where we offer

Rehabbing. Luxury. Style

Who We Are

About Us

We are based in Georgia, primarily the Atlanta Metropolitan area.

Our mission is to ensure that our customers not only have affordable, but sustainable living conditions as well. This encompasses our three core principles: Rehabbing, Luxury, and Style. We have the midas touch when it comes to class and luxury in our properties. Whether you’re looking for temporary, itinerant, or permanent living, “So”Phisticated Properties has you covered. With the services we provide, customers can assure that they will be successful in their search for properties.

our services include

Rehabbing Properties

Mobile Home Transformations
and AirBnB Makeovers

Long-Term Rentals

Apartments Rentals
and Home Rentals

Cleaning Services

Mobile Home Cleaning
and AirBnB Cleaning

Find Your Perfect newly rehabbed Home

Current rehab

We purchase and flip mobile homes. After the work is complete we list them for sale or lease to purchase. 

Call us for more information about our lease to purchase program.

we take a different approach
on real estate